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Thursday through Saturday
October 3 - 5, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Advanced Chemistry Development ACD/Labs' data management and informatics solutions empower organizations to develop intelligence from their chemical data across a broad range of industries. ACD/Labs provides software for multi-vendor, multi-technique spectral data processing, analysis and management; chromatographic method development; pharmaceutical small molecule library design, property-based structure optimization, and physchem and ADME/Tox property prediction.

Advion is a leader in MS & synthesis solutions. The expression CMS is a high performance, compact, affordable single quad mass spectrometer. Its compact size allows it to fit in space-limited labs for direct access and immediate results for chemists requiring mass confirmation, reaction monitoring, QC and purity analysis.

AK Scientific Over 10,000 compounds in stock in the Bay area and ready to deliver. A diverse library of building block reagents, bioactive small molecules, and more novel materials attracts scientists in California and worldwide. A commitment to responsive service and guaranteed quality makes its products a staple of labs of all sizes.

Alfa Aesar, a Johnson Matthey Company Alfa Aesar, a Johnson Matthey Company, is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of research chemicals, metals and materials. The Alfa Aesar Catalog has over 40,000 products listed, which include, organic compounds, high purity inorganics, pure metals, alloys, elements, precious metal compounds and catalysts, rare earths, AA/ICP standards and more.

Almac Group Almac is a contract research and manufacture organization with headquarters in the EU (Craigavon, UK) and the US (Souderton, PA). The company offers an extensive array of integrated drug development services including chemical development (small molecules, synthetic peptides and conjugates), analytical development, pharmaceutical development, clinical trial supply & management and biomarkers. Almac's industry leading Physical Sciences team provide optimization and control of physical form, pre-formulation development and pharma expert witness services for generation and protection of intellectual property.

American Chemical Society
California Section

American Chemical Society

ACS Publications provides the worldwide scientific community with the most trusted, most cited and most read peer-reviewed journals in the chemical and related sciences. The ACS publishes 42 of the world's leading peer-reviewed chemistry journals, as well as Chemical & Engineering News, and the ACS Symposium Series peer-reviewed eBooks.

American Chemical Society
Santa Clara Valley Section

The Santa Clara Valley Section of the ACS includes San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Benito, and Monterey counties. One of our major areas for focus is on public outreach and presenting chemistry and chemists. This includes participation in National Chemistry Week, the Chemistry Olympiad, and outreach at public schools and children's centers. We are always looking for volunteers for these and others programs.

American Chemical Society
Web Strategy and Operations

Aptuit Aptuit provides Drug Design & Discovery, Preclinical Biosciences, API Development & Manufacture, Solid State Chemistry, Sterile Fill Finish & Formulation Development, Oral Dosage Form Development & Manufacture, Clinical Sciences, Consulting, Aptuit INDiGO® (accelerated drug development program) and Integrated Drug Discovery & Development as either stand-alone or integrated services.

Biotage Biotage offers solutions, knowledge and experience in the areas of analytical chemistry, medicinal chemistry, separation and purification. The customers include pharmaceutical and biotech companies, companies within the food industry and leading academic institutes. The company is headquartered in Uppsala and has offices in the US, UK, China and Japan.

Bruker Daltonics Bruker Daltonics is a leading global developer and manufacturer of innovative scientific instruments that address the rapidly evolving needs of a diverse array of life sciences customers. Our mass spectrometry-based tools serve the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, molecular diagnostics research and chemical analysis industries. Bruker's analytical instruments deliver exceptional high-resolution results for pre-clinical and clinical testing.

Büchiglas Büchiglas is the manufacturer of glass and metal pilot plant and laboratory reactor equipment. We specialize in designing customer specified systems in sizes from 10 to 300 liters.

CEM Corporation CEM Corporation is the world's leading provider of innovative laboratory microwave reactors for use in teaching and research labs. CEM offers solutions for synthetic chemistry, acid digestion, extraction, proteomics peptide synthesis and more.

Chapman University

Chevron Oronite Company LLC Chevron Oronite Company, LLC is a leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of performance additives for fuels and lubricating oils. We are a global company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chevron Corporation. Our research is focused on developing additives that control oxidation, friction, wear, viscosity, and deposit formation, and combining these in formulations that effectively lubricate a diverse range of equipment, including gasoline and diesel engines, transmissions, and hydraulic systems used in automobiles, trucks, ships, trains, tractors, and other equipment.

Delight's Earthly Delight's Delight Edgell of Cascabel, Arizona, has designed and now offers for sale unique jewelry based on her years as a science teacher. She creates "Heavenly Delights", "Solar Delights", and other fascinating types of necklaces. As she says, "the Earth is the Artist.this jewelry allows me to share my delight in its beauty".

eDaq Inc. eDaq manufactures data recording solutions for electrochemistry, including impedance, chromatography, CE, FIA general chemistry recording (pH, temperature, conductivity, dissolved O2, NO, biosensors, etc.). Potentiostats perform 33 electrochemical techniques including CV. Chromatography Data systems available for HPLC, GC, CE applications (accept up to 2 detectors) and contactless conductivity detectors integrate seamlessly.

Grace Discovery Services Grace Discovery Sciences is an established leader in silica media and light scattering detection technologies, and provides an array of silica-based separation media and complementary purification products including chromatography columns and consumables used in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, life science and related industries, silica excipients used in pharmaceutical formulations and CO2 adsorbents used in anesthesiology and mine safety applications, as well as instrumentation and reference standards used in the pharmaceutical, life science and related industries.

Heidolph North America/Julabo HEIDOLPH focuses on providing premium laboratory equipment to top scientific minds. These products include Rotary Evaporators, Overhead Stirrers, Magnetic Stirring Hotplates, Benchtop Shakers among others. JULABO manufactures liquid temperature control instrumentation for research, science, laboratories, pilot plants and industrial processes. An extensive range of products and features is available.

Interchim, Inc. Interchim is a global company which manufactures chromatography products to support purification, analytical and sample preparation in the field of life science. Purification Instruments are capable of running Flash and Prep HPLC in a single unit. All units are well suited for supporting organic synthesis and bio-purification. The column product range is comprised of Flash, Prep HPLC, SPE, and HPLC. The company has introduced high efficiency Flash Cartridges which provide 5x higher loading than traditional Flash columns. Flash columns are available in 30 different bonded phase for normal and reverse phase, ion-exchange and chiral chromatography. The company continues to introduce innovative products to support the demands of speed and efficiency for discovery and analytical chemists.

Metrohm is your go-to source for the best analytical testing equipment. Learn about our complete line of automation, ion chromatography systems, electrodes and oxidative stability analyzers. Our new NIR systems provide fast & accurate testing with no sample prep! Ask about our industry-best warranties and guarantees - we're there when you need us!

Nanosys, Inc.

Netzsch Instruments NETZSCH Analyzing and Testing is the worldwide leader in developing and manufacturing high-precision instrumentation for thermal analysis and thermophysical properties measurements. Select your analytical instrument from our broad product palette and work with NETZSCH to tailor an optimal application solution to your needs, or contact NETZSCH for your contract testing needs.

Oakwood Oakwood Products, a manufacturer and distributor, supplies research chemicals to the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and materials research communities. Oakwood's product listing contains over 80,000 items, including many unique building blocks and reactive intermediates. Routine synthetic work includes sulfur tetrafluoride chemistry as well as most routine transformations.

Pacific Biolabs For more than 30 years, Pacific Biolabs has offered GMP/GLP testing services to the medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. PBL specializes in sterility assurance, biocompatibility, microbiology, biopharmaceutical analysis and analytical chemistry, and preclinical toxicology/pharmacology services. Located in Hercules, CA, PBL is ISO 9001:2008 certified and AAALAC accredited.

Pearson Education

Pharmatek Laboratories Pharmatech Inc. is a global, diversified health care company devoted to the discovery, development, manufacture, and marketing of diagnostic devices.

Pine Research Instrumentation
If you need to introduce your students to modern electroanalytical chemistry in an easy and inexpensive way, then Pine's WaveNow potentiostat and Instructional Three- Electrode Cell are exactly what you need! This potentiostat is a lightweight instrument with a USB interface. The instructional cell contains disposable, screen-printed electrodes.

Pion Inc. Pion Inc. has a 17 year history of innovation and unique science for absorption characterization within the global ADME market. Pion sells its instruments, supplies, reagents, and CRO services to pharmaceutical researchers, Pion's branded products include in situ fiber optic profilers, micro-DISS, Rainbow, and Spectra plus PAMPA Explorer, and micro-SOL Explorer.

Ricerca Biosciences

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Shimadzu offers a full line of analytical instrumentation for a broad range of applications in science and industry. Instruments include a diverse range of GC and HPLC/UHPLC systems, as well as leading-edge mass spectrometers, including single- and triple-quad LC/MS and GC/MS, that provide unparalleled speed and sensitivity.

Sigma-Aldrich Sigma-Aldrich is a leading Life Science & High Technology company whose biochemical, organic chemical products, kits & services are used in scientific research, including genomic & proteomic research, biotechnology, pharmaceutical development, the diagnosis of disease & as key components in pharmaceutical, diagnostics & high technology manufacturing. We are committed to Enabling Science to Improve the Quality of Life.

Simulations Plus
Simulations Plus is the industry leader in simulation and modeling software and consulting services for pharmaceutical research. Our ADMET Design Suite® - ADMET Predictor®, MedChem Studio®, and MedChem Designer® - provides an unprecedented capability to data mine compound libraries, quickly design new molecules, and see how changes in structures affect over 130 ADME-Tox properties.

Sirius Analytical, Inc. Sirius Analytical specializes in physicochemical measurement of drug candidates and formulations. We provide both analytical service and instrumentation for the determination of pKa, logP, solubility, and GI dissolution. We also offer particle size and shape analysis, and a novel method for imaging the liquid-solid interface during the dissolution of salts, co-crystals and amorphous dispersions.

Spectrum Chemical and Laboratory Spectrum Chemical and Laboratory Products Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of fine chemicals and laboratory products (USP, NF, FCC, BP, EP and ACS grade chemical products) plus over 22,000 TCI research organic chemicals. Spectrum is also a full-line distributor of laboratory supplies and equipment items from over 250 manufacturers.

TA Instruments

TCI America TCI is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of specialty chemicals to the pharmaceutical, electronic, cosmetic, chemical, environmental, and biotech industries. Our current catalog lists over 22,000 organic and biochemical products for use in research and production. Please visit our website today at

Teledyne Isco The Teledyne Isco Chromatography product line includes the CombiFlash Purification systems and stationary medias for purification of organic compounds in normal-phase and reversed phase separations. Fraction Collectors and expansion Flash Chromatography Detector and MS are offered for small molecules, bio-purification of proteins, peptides, and other biopolymers.

ThermoFisher Scientific Think ThermoFisher for superior analytical instruments, laboratory equipment, software, services, consumables, and reagents. Find better workflow solutions spanning sample preparation, analysis and data interpretation. The Fisher family of global service brands provides a complete portfolio of laboratory equipment, chemicals, supplies, and services for research, safety, healthcare, and science education.

Yamazen Science, Inc. Yamazen Science is the leading manufacturer in Japan for automated flash purification systems and high resolution columns.

University of California, San Diego

University of South Carolina

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