Session Title Session Chair Session Chair Affiliation
Organic Chemistry    
Young Investigators In Natural Product Synthesis Phil Baran The Scripps Research Institute
Asymmetric Synthesis Mike VanNieuwenhze Univ. of California San Diego
Microwave-Assisted Chemistry Farah Mavandadi Biotage
Process Chemistry Yogesh S. Sanghvi Rasayan
Marine Natural Products John B. MacMillan Univ. of Texas Southwestern
Heterocyclic Chemistry Guy Breitenbucher Johnson & Johnson PRD
Click Chemistry M.G. Finn, Valery V. Fokin The Scripps Research Institute
Cope Scholar Symposium In Honor of Ken Shea Peter Iovine, Ved Srivastava Univ. of San Diego (Iovine), Amylin (Srivastava)
Medicinal Chemistry    
GPCRs Nigel R. A. Beeley BioDuro
Novel Protein Kinases John Kozarich Activx Inc
Medicinal Chemistry-General John P. Mayer  Eli Lilly
Structure-Based Drug Design Ruo Steensma, Kal Ramnarayan Sapient Discovery (Steensma), SGX (Ramnarayan)
Peptide Science    
Peptide Science and Biopolymer Structure Richard Houghten Torrey Pines Institute
Physiological Peptides as Drugs Soumitra Ghosh Amylin Pharmaceuticals
Peptide Mimetics Val S. Goodfellow BioFocus DPI
Frontiers in Drug Discovery    
Biomarkers-Immunodiagnostics Michael Lebl illumina Inc
Stem Cell Research Evan Snyder Burnham Institute for Medical Research
Chemical Information and Modeling    
Computational Chemistry J. Andrew McCammon, J. Kua Univ. of California San Diego (McCammon), Univ. of San Diego (Kua)
Systems Biology & Chemical Genomics Jun Xu Discovery Partners International
Chemical Information & Drug Discovery Jun Xu Discovery Partners International
Therapeutic Topics    
CV & Metabolic Diseases Steve Gwaltney Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Case Study: Drug Design To Clinic Ved Srivastava Amylin Pharmaceuticals
Drug Delivery Christopher Rhodes Amylin Pharmaceuticals
Metabolism & Pharmacokinetics Ajai Madan, David Lau Neurocrine (Madan), J&J, SF (Lau)
Toxicology Tom Carpenter Amylin Pharmaceuticals
Formulation, CMC Paul W. Maffuid Amylin Pharmaceuticals
Inorganic Chemistry    
Bioinorganic Chemistry Akif Tezcan Univ. of California San Diego
G.A. Crosby Symposium John W. Kenney Concordia University
Analytical Chemistry    
Ultrasensitive Laser-Based Analytical Methods William Tong San Diego State Univ.
Special Sessions    
Intellectual Property Sam Tahmassebi Vista IP Law Group, LLP
Local Technology Innovation Showcase Tom Beattie Consultant
Outsourcing Hui Cai Johnson & Johnson PRD
Young Investigator Symposium:  Chemical Biology for the 21st Century Anthony Tong Nanogen
Chemical Education and Undergraduate Research    
Revitalizing General Chemistry Lecture & Laboratory Paul Jasien California State Univ. San Marcos
Towards a Research Rich Curriculum David De Haan Univ. of San Diego
What to Expect in Graduate School:  A Panel Discussion Debbie Tahmassebi Univ. of San Diego
Post Ph.D.:  Deciding Between Academics & Industry Tammy Dwyer Univ. of San Diego
Graduate & Professional School Forum Debbie Tahmassebi Univ. of San Diego