American Chemical Society
Western Regional Meeting Board

2019 American Chemical Society, Western Regional Meeting Board

The American Chemical Society is divided into nine regions in order to facilitate the organization and implementation of regional meetings of the ACS. ACS Staff Liaisons are in the national Office of Regional Meetings. The Western Region is composed of fifteen local sections of the ACS located in the states of Arizona, California, Hawaii, and Nevada.

Each region is governed by a board, which serves to approve the location and date of all meetings in the region. The Western Region Board (WRB) is composed of one representative from each local section in the Western Region and officers of the board. For 2019, WRB members are:

Elected Officers of the WRB:

  • Chair: Justin Russak, California, Los Padres Section
  • Past Chair: Eleanor Siebert, Southern California Section
  • Vice Chair: Bob Cohen, Orange County Section
  • Secretary: Desiree Grubisha, San Diego Section
  • Treasurer: Chris Brazier, Southern California Section
Local Section Representatives:

CaliforniaLee Latimer
California, Los PadresJustin Russak
Central ArizonaDoug Sawyer
HawaiiBlake Vance and Daniel Scott (alternating)
Mojave DesertPeter Zarras
Orange CountyBob Cohen
SacramentoMaria de la Paz Carpio
San DiegoDesiree Grubisha
San GorgonioEileen di Mauro
San Joaquin ValleyHubert Muchalski
Silicon ValleyNatalie McClure
Sierra NevadaLaina Geary
Southern ArizonaLaura Stratton
Southern CaliforniaEleanor Siebert
Southern NevadaRampur Viswanath

Essential resource people:

Webmaster: Ean Warren, Silicon Valley Section
Western Region Coordinator: vacant
Duties of the Western Region Board: Duties of the WRB are outlined in the Bylaws (pdf document). Meetings of the WRB: The WRB meets at every Western Regional Meeting (WRM). In years when no WRM is held, the board usually meets during the spring and fall national ACS meetings, after Council, as called by the WRB Chair.


The Western Regional Meeting is a joint venture between
Western Region Board and
American Chemical Society
All the above are 501(c)3 tax exempt organizations.